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Bachue Nature Reserve

Reserva  Natural Bachué is located in the Farallones de Cali at 1800 meters above sea level near the confluence of the Pato and Pance rivers, it is a beautiful cloud forest. This reserve was an old cattle farm, whose pastures have been transformed for 30 years into an interesting cloud forest, populated by threatened and promising species.


These restored forests are the ideal space for scientific research, guided walks, and  environmental education with an emphasis on  watershed conservation.

In the reserve you will be able to appreciate the restoration of an ecosystem and an optimal site  for the practical training of new generations around the need to conserve  the planet earth.

The reserve has a camping area, a rustic cabin with capacity for 8 people, and a large room that functions as a dining room and meeting place.

In the surroundings you can access waterfalls, natural slides, viewpoints and trails suitable for bird watching.

  • Environmental education
  • scientific investigations
  • bird watching
  • Guided walks
  • educational trails
  • waterfalls
  • Camping
  • Lodging

Reports & Reservations

+ (57) 313 643 9929

Data for Transfer

Farallones Foundation
Nit. 800.046.957-3

Bancolombia  / Savings account / No. 6062900707

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