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Valley River Basin, Solano Bay.

In the year2005The Farallones Foundation extends its environmental conservation activities to the Valle River Basin, more specifically to the El Valle district, in the municipality of Bahía Solano, department of Chocó,Colombian Pacific.In the company of several researchers, botanists and members of the community such as the El Cedro Local Community Council, the Farallones Foundation proposes to Ecofund de Bogotá to work together again to develop replicas of theenvironmental conservation programspreviously carried out in the Pance River Basin, in Valle del Cauca.


Some of the achievements in this area are:


  • The construction of a forest nursery and enrichment with native species, of approximately 100 hectares.

  • The training of students from the Santa Teresita school and the Chocó Valley Agricultural Institute.

  • The preparation and publication of Booklets of Medicinal Plants in the area, with the participation of  30 women experts in traditional uses, who, together with botanists and chemical engineers, created analgesics, ointments and other natural medicine products . 

  • Legal, administrative and accounting advice for the constitution of the Valle Medicinal Plants Group, Chocó. Although the project ended in 2010, the Foundation has continued to support the distribution and marketing of these medicinal products. 

  • Implementation of an Agricultural Seed Bank, emphasizing the planting of products such as rice, cassava, Chinese potatoes, yams, pineapples, bananas, fruit trees, etc., in 80 farms belonging to families and inhabitants of the Cuenca del valley river.

  • Development of a food security program in which the beneficiaries share the work through the mingas system.

Projects executed by the Foundation Farallones
in the Bahía Solano Basin:
2005 -2016
Ancla 1

Project in the village of Valle, municipality of Bahía Solano, Chocó.

  • Recovery of forest management and agroecological proposal for the Valle River Basin, El Valle village, municipality of Bahía Solano, Chocó.  

  • Planting and Processing of Medicinal Plants Program with the local community.

Farallones Foundation, Ecofund and Temporary Union Farallones Foundation& Community Council, El Cedro.
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