The Bachue Nature Reserve

The Bachue Nature Reserve is a beautiful cloud forest located in Cali’s Farallones National Park at 1800 meters above sea level near the confluence of the Pato and Pance rivers. This reserve was formerly a cattle farm of which the pastures have, over the past 30 years, transformed into a diverse cloud forest inhabited by endangered and native medicinal species.


These restored forests provide an ideal space to facilitate scientific research, to lead guided nature walks, and to promote environmental education emphasizing the conservation of watersheds.


Those who visit the nature reserve will witness the ecological restoration of an ecosystem and discover an ideal setting for educating younger generations about the importance of environmental conservation.


The nature reserve has a camping area, a simple cabin with the capacity to accommodate up to 8 people, and an spacious common room that serves as a dining area and a gathering place.  In the surrounding area you can enjoy waterfalls, natural slides, viewpoints and trails excellent for bird watching.

  • Environmental Education

  • Scientific studies

  • Bird watching

  • Guided nature walks

  • Trails for educational activities

  • Camping

  • Accommodations

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