Valle River Basin, Bahia Solano. Tropical Rainforest.

In 2005, the Farallones Foundation extended its environmental conservation efforts to the Valle River Basin, more specifically to the village of  Valle, in the Bahia Solano municipality, of the Chocó department in the Pacific region of Colombia.  Alongside researchers, botanists and community members such as the Cedro Community Council; the Farallones Foundation collaborated with Bogota’s  Ecofondo in a joint project to develop an appropriate environmental conservation program, similar to those previously implemented in the Pance River Basin and in Valle del Cauca.


Some achievements in this area include:

  • Creating a forest tree nursery with various native plant species of approximately 100 hectares.

  • Training students from Santa Teresita School and the Agricultural Institute of the Choco Valley.

  • Developing and publishing Handbooks summarizing the medicinal plants in the region. This initiative required the active participation of 30 women who were highly familiarized with the traditional use of medicinal plants. Alongside botanists and chemical engineers developed analgesics and other holistic medicine products.

  • Provision of a legal, accounting and administrative advisory for the formation of the Group of Medicinal Plants of the Valley, Choco. Even though the official project ended in 2010, the Farallones Foundation still provides support in the distribution and commercialization of these medicinal products. 

  • Implementing an Agricultural Seed Bank to provide seed material of rice, cassava, taro,  yams, pineapples, bananas, and fruit trees to 80 farms belonging to families and residents of the Valle River Basin.

  • Developing a food security program in which the target populations divide their tasks according to the mink’a  indigenous agricultural system.

Proyectos ejecutados por la Fundación Farallones
en la Cuenca Bahía Solano:
2005 - 2016

Proyecto en el corregimiento de Valle, municipio de Bahía Solano, Chocó.

  • Recuperación del manejo forestal y propuesta agroecológica para la Cuenca del Río Valle, corregimiento El Valle, municipio de Bahía Solano, Chocó.  

  • Programa de Plantación y Procesamiento de Plantas Medicinales con comunidad local.

Fundación Farallones, Ecofondo y Unión temporal Fundación Farallones & Consejo Comunitario, El Cedro.